Patient Transportation

Stretcher & Wheelchair Transportation

We are Ontario's leading provider of non-urgent patient transfer services. We take pride in providing clients with the right people, the right vehicles and the right services to get you to and from medical appointments safely.

Our transportation services are designed to accommodate the unique needs of a variety of clients including infants and children, adults, seniors, palliative and chronically ill patients, bariatric patients and individuals with varying levels of mobility. Our fleet includes stretcher, wheelchair and multi-purpose vehicles that are equipped with industry leading patient transfer equipment to provide bedside-to-bedside transfer service.

We offer a variety of transfer options to suit the needs of our clients, they include:

  • One Way Transfers – Transfer team will pick up the client and drop them off at their desired location
  • Return Transfers – Transfer team will pick up the client, drop them off at their desired location and return to transfer them back to their originating destination at a pre-determined time
  • Wait and Return Transfers – Transfer team will pick up the client and transfer them to their desired location. They will wait for the client onsite and transfer them back to their originating destination. (Additional charges apply)

Our services can be booked in advance or for same day service.

All vehicles are staffed with certified health care professionals (trained in CPR, First Aid and Defibrillation) who are dedicated to providing quality transfer services in a safe and professional manner.


Our sincere and grateful thanks to Dan, the Hamilton supervisor. Due to severe injuries following a bad car accident, my first ambulance trip was difficult. Not wanting a repeat of the problems I encountered, I contacted Dan, who made a number of helpful suggestions. He followed up to ensure that everything went successfully. The considerable effort that Dan made on my behalf is very much appreciated, as is the remarkable patience, pleasantness, thoughtfulness and kindness shown by Dan throughout my experience. He is one of the rare few who will go the extra mile to ensure that all is as it ideally should be. It is such a relief and comfort to know that, should the need arise, Dan is there to address any unusual situation. Finally, Dan’s wonderful manner and ability seem to influence many others, as we have been treated with respect and kindness. Our heartfelt thanks to Dan and the team who have made it possible for me to use this service and to recommend this company most highly.

Graeme D., Hamilton, Ontario (Patient Transportation)